Dolmen Sols de Riu

Entire view of the dolmen with its side walls (smooth stones) and its roof, also with a large smooth stone completely covered with oval stones.

On more than one occasion we have commented that the Barony of Rialb is a perfect tourist destination, both in terms of landscape, culture and history. So, here is another place that you cannot miss if you want to discover all that the area has to offer: the Sols de Riu Dolmen.

The place where we send you is where the most important architectural monuments of the Barony of Rialb are located. It may seem a bit confusing, but the truth is that they are all in the same place because they were moved there so that they would not be destroyed by the construction of the reservoir.  

What you should know about the Sols de Riu Dolmen

If we have managed to capture your attention with all this, don’t stop reading, because here we will give you a little more information about the area. All with the aim of making your visit more satisfactory.

It is the ideal place to rest and enjoy the marvellous views, as it also acts as a viewpoint over the Rialb reservoir.

The Dolmen Sols de Riu is a megalith from prehistoric times. It was built more than four thousand years ago, and for us, that’s reason enough to take a look at it – there’s nothing like admiring the work of our ancestors! Like all dolmens, it has a funerary monument function, which can be confirmed by the fact that during the excavation, typical tools of the time were found, which were buried with the deceased in order to provide security in the afterlife. We would also like to add that you will be amazed by its dimensions (3 metres long and 2.3 metres wide). You should also take the opportunity to take a look inside the building, as there is an original cave engraving.

How to get to the Sols de Riu Dolmen?

Where to sleep near the Dolmen Sols de Riu?

If you have come to spend the day in the Barony of Rialb, and you have visited and discovered the Sols de Riu Dolmen, your getaway cannot end here, as you still have a lot to discover about the area. Therefore, we suggest that you spend the night in our rural house, Casa dels Peixos, just fifteen minutes by car from this area. It is a house that can accommodate up to 16 people, so we are talking about a perfect refuge to go and relax with friends or family.

This rural house consists of two floors of 200m2, each with its own facilities. On the first floor is the entrance hall, a games room (where all members of the household can enjoy themselves, as it is equipped with games suitable for the whole family), and two bedrooms with their own private bathroom. On the first floor there are six more bedrooms (also with their own private bathrooms), the spacious kitchen, and the dining room, which has direct access to the outside of the house. The entire garden is fenced off in order to provide privacy for the guests of the house. Outside there is a swimming pool with sun loungers around it, a private lake where fishing is allowed, a barbecue, and plenty of space to park the cars in case of need, and also to practice any other outdoor activity.

Other places of interest in the area

As we have already mentioned, the Dolmen Sols de Riu area is an area where the most outstanding monuments were moved, so the Dolmen Sols de Riu is not the only thing worth seeing there. So you can’t miss the hermitage of Santa Eulàlia de Pomanyons either. It is a Romanesque church dating from the 11th century, but that has not prevented it from still being in very good condition today. Previously, it was near the Mas de Pomanyons. We assure you that this is a decision you won’t regret.

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