Santa Maria de Gualter

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You may have already heard of Gualter, a small village in the Baronia de Rialb, in the province of Lleida. Of course, we have already mentioned it on other occasions, as Gualter has stolen our hearts. 

It is a very charming and beautiful town, but in our opinion, what really catches your attention and deserves a detailed and thorough visit is the monastery of Santa María de Gualter. We are convinced that once you have seen it, you will agree with us. So, venture out and discover this beautiful place.

What you should know about Santa Maria de Gualter

If we have convinced you to visit the monastery of Santa Maria de Gualter, read on. We’re going to give you a bit of information about the place, so that you’ll be a bit of an expert on the subject when you go!

When we talk about the monastery, we are referring to an architectural complex made up of a Romanesque church and a cloister. Originally, the monastery was occupied by the famous Count of Barcelona (and, among other titles, Count of Urgell), Guifré el Pilós, who ceded his command to the monastery of Ripoll so that it could be converted into a Benedictine priory. And so it was. 

Despite this, it was never a great priory, and the monastery of Santa Maria de Gualter had no more than one prior and four monks. For a long time it was under the mandate and supervision of the monastery of Ripoll, although it gathered enough patrimony thanks to the counts of Urgell, who wanted to keep it in operation. In 1593, due to the decline of monastic life, the building became a simple parish church, and that is what it became from then on. 

As a result, what was once the monastery fell into disrepair. To all this, it is important to add that during the Spanish Civil War it was used as a powder magazine (where gunpowder and other explosives were stored), and so it was partially destroyed in an explosion in 1938. 

Nowadays, guided tours can be made without any problem, since the place was rebuilt and rehabilitated to be able to show such a special place. Although it no longer has its original appearance, it is still in good condition and its walls still tell the same story.

How to get to Santa Maria de Gualter?

Where to sleep near Santa Maria de Gualter?

If you have ventured to the monastery of Santa Maria de Gualter, and now you need a place to stay, there is no better destination than Casa dels Peixos. Just 20 minutes from the village of Gualter you will find our rural house, ideal for you to go with your family or friends. The house can accommodate up to 16 people, so don’t miss the opportunity! There are not many options as attractive as this one: you will be able to stay right in the heart of the Baronia de Rialb with your loved ones. It is the perfect place to end your getaway and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

It is a two-storey house of 200m2. On the first floor there is an entrance hall, two spacious bedrooms with their own private bathrooms, and a games room perfectly equipped for all the guests of the house, whatever their tastes and age. On the first floor is the dining room (with direct access to the outside of the house), the kitchen, and there are also six more bedrooms (each with its own private bathroom). The outside of the house is fenced off to provide privacy and intimacy, because there is nothing like enjoying your holidays with your loved ones! In this area is where you will find the swimming pool with its sun loungers, a private lake where you can fish, the barbecue, and plenty of space to park your car or do other activities.

Other places of interest in the area

We have already mentioned that, according to our point of view, the monastery is the most important thing to highlight, but this does not imply that it is the only thing, far from it! In Gualter you will also find the Church of the Sagrat Cor i de Santa Maria, which was built in the 20th century to replace the old church of the monastery of Santa Maria (which was destroyed after the Civil War). We would also like to add that you can go to the Meandre del Segre, near the Rialb reservoir, where there are different species of plants and animals.

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