Services and cooking workshops at La Casa dels Peixos

Do you want to comfort yourself, recharge your batteries?


Without a doubt there is no better place than the Casa dels Peixos. You won’t have to think about anything or about meals!

You will see, we propose you the optional food services we have. Take a look 😊¡¡

.... rest! Paella Sunday

Paella terminada

Can you imagine not having to prepare paella on Sunday? 

Yes, yes, you heard right, we prepare it for you, you can see how we cook it on the barbecue or in La Caseta (annex building to the main house). 

Delivered at the time you indicate us

  • ration 28€

..... don't cook, relax¡¡ Food at home

table with different kitchen utensils


Fried prawns with brava sauce 18€.

Tzatziki 14 €
-fresh vegetables for dipping with tzatziki sauce-

Pea guacamole with fresh mint 14€

Mussels with Vermouth 14€

Courgette spaghetti with pesto and fresh mozzarella 14€

Vitello Tonnato 20€

– roast veal with tuna sauce-

Pasta 14€ – Pasta 14€

-bolognese, carbonara, spicy sauce with tomato or mushroom –


.... family cookery workshop!

Approx. 2 hours workshop. 

You don’t need to bring anything with you, just the desire to have a good time. 

We cook outdoors if the weather allows it, if not in “La Caseta” building annexed to the main house. 

The menu includes a glass of cava from our cellar. 

Enjoy your meal¡¡¡¡

  • per person €40

In spring-summer we cook;


fresh and easy recipes 


recipes that will surprise you 


tasty and easy recipes

in autumn-winter we cook;


very original warm recipes 


unique and delicious recipes 


tasty and simple recipes 

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