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Antique car, black bonnet, bright red sides

Francesc Boncompte Museum

The region of La Noguera, in Lleida, has a lot to offer. This is not the first article where we talk about how spectacular this region is, and we are convinced that it will not be the last one either. If you are interested in

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View of Sant Pere de Ponts, you can see the tower and two of its three apses, with mountains in the background.

Sant Pere de Ponts

If you are organising a visit to the Barony of Rialb, in the region of La Noguera, one of the excursions you cannot miss is the Collegiate Church of Sant Pere de Ponts. Moreover, we are not the only ones who consider it a work

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Aerial view of the situation of the castle of Montmagastre at the foot of the mountain range, in the centre of the plain there is a small unique mountain where the castle stands at the top.

Montmagastre Castle

If you are planning a trip to the region of La Noguera, in Lleida, we, as experts in the area, recommend that you do not miss the Castle of Montmagastre, located in the municipality of Artesa de Segre.  Undoubtedly, if you take our word for

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Vista de tres arcos

Santa Maria de Gualter

You may have already heard of Gualter, a small village in the Baronia de Rialb, in the province of Lleida. Of course, we have already mentioned it on other occasions, as Gualter has stolen our hearts.  It is a very charming and beautiful town, but

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Entire view of the dolmen with its side walls (smooth stones) and its roof, also with a large smooth stone completely covered with oval stones.

Dolmen Sols de Riu

On more than one occasion we have commented that the Barony of Rialb is a perfect tourist destination, both in terms of landscape, culture and history. So, here is another place that you cannot miss if you want to discover all that the area has

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Girl swimming under the crystal clear water in a pool of the Rialb river.

Forat de Bulí

In our opinion, there is nothing like an excursion to disconnect from routine and reconnect with yourself. So, if you feel like cooling off and taking advantage of the walk to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we recommend you to

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Distant view of a motorboat in the centre of the reservoir. On the right hand side a wooded mountain bordering the water.

Rialb Reservoir, Lleida

If you want to discover the hidden corners of the Barony of RIalb, you should definitely go to the Rialb Reservoir. You may know it by the name of Pantano de Rialb, but in both cases it refers to the same spectacular reservoir.  If you

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