What to see in La Noguera?

View of the train passing over a bridge crossing a lake

Maybe you have arrived here because you are looking for what to see in La Noguera because maybe you are coming to visit it for a few days, you are coming to live or you are simply curious about this territory.


Anyway, if you are thinking of making a getaway to La Noguera, and you do not know what to see in this area of Catalonia, read on!


The region of La Noguera is very large and offers a lot of activities and places to see, whether you go as a couple, with family or friends. This Catalan province of Lleida has an extension of 1,800 square kilometers, positioning itself as the largest region of the entire Autonomous Community. In all its extension you can find a total of 30 municipalities, of which the capital is Balaguer.


One of the main tourist attractions of La Noguera is its natural environment eroded by the river Segre, which offers a very characteristic landscape worthy of admiration. In addition, this land is also known for its prehistoric art. You can visit caves containing samples of rock art dating from 10,000 BC to 6,500 BC.

The best places to see in La Noguera

Prepare your backpack with everything you will need to spend a few days of disconnection in the middle of nature, fill the tank of your car to the maximum and choose the places that most attract your attention to visit the Noguera.


Panoramic photo of Balaguer

As mentioned above, Balaguer is the capital of the Noguera and in this city you can make a historical visit very fun and suitable for the whole family. In the past, this city was completely walled and today you can still walk along its walls enjoying the beautiful views offered by this privileged perspective.


During the weekends guided tours of the walls are organized, but if you visit Balaguer from Monday to Sunday, you only have to go to the Tourist Office and ask for the keys that open the doors of this fortress, to visit it quietly at your leisure.

Picnic area of the Font de la Espadella

Image of the picnic area of the Espadella fountain, with its shady trees.

This picnic area is equipped with 5 stone tables located on the way to the Congost de Mu. One of the best ways to reach this place surrounded by the wildest nature is through an excursion from Alós de Balaguer.


In the enclosure you can also find a stone house where you can make your barbecue and if you do not feel like walking, you can get there with your car and leave your vehicle in the parking area.

El Tren dels Llacs (The Lakes Train)

Vista del tren pasando por un puente cruzando un lago

The Tren dels Llacs is one of the best activities to do in La Noguera. There are few trains similar to the one you are about to discover, since during its 90 kilometers route you will pass through 4 lakes, cross 40 tunnels and go over 75 bridges. This is an authentic experience not to be missed.


As the train runs between mountains, from the window you will be able to contemplate the spectacular gorges that have been formed by the river. Without getting off the carriage you will be able to take a real historical walk and enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Catalonia. You can buy your ticket at the stations of Lleida, Balaguer and La Pobla de Segur.

The Tabac Cave

Photo of the entrance to the Tobacco Cave

The Tabac Cave is one of the best options to visit in La Noguera if you love adventures and excursions. The route consists of visiting a cavity 200 meters deep and 20 meters high, for which you will need to bring a headlamp, because the darkness inside is absolute.


In order to access the interior of the cave, we recommend that you do so through a guided tour, as there are some sections that can be dangerous. This tour is suitable for all those who are in good physical shape, because you may encounter obstacles for which you will have to climb, if you want to overcome them.


Once inside, you will enjoy its stalagmites and stalactites and you will be able to see Neolithic paintings, protected and listed as World Heritage by Unesco.

The Merengue Trenches

Panoramic photo of the trenches in front of a wheat field and the sky with dark gray clouds.

Las Trincheras del Merengue is a historical visit where you can walk through the trenches that are located in the Tossal de Deu. This space of historical memory will allow you to learn about the events that took place in May 1938. You will be able to see the original trenches of the time, walk through the narrow tunnels, see where the soldiers lived, etc.


During the Civil War, in this site, one of the most serious warlike actions of the whole period took place, in which many soldiers of the well-known “Lleva del Biberó” lost their lives.


This is a highly recommended visit to see in La Noguera, so as not to forget the history that has made us who we are and to explain to the next generations what our land suffered one day.


Now that you know the main places to see in La Noguera, do you dare to organize your getaway? Remember to adapt the excursions to your possibilities and those of your group and always check the weather conditions to know what kind of clothes you have to wear in each of your adventures in this Catalan region full of charm.

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