Fishing in the Rialb Reservoir

Barbos going up the Rialb reservoir.

Are you thinking of going fishing in the Rialb reservoir?

The Rialb reservoir, or also known as the Rialb reservoir, is a reservoir that collects water from the Segre, Rialb and Ribera Salada rivers. This dam, which extends through the northwest of the region of La Noguera, has relatively recently been opened to the public for controlled fishing.


Organizing a fishing trip can be one of the best options if you are looking to relax as much as possible on your vacation and spend quality time with the people who accompany you. Read on to discover all the details you need to know about fishing in the Rialb Reservoir.

The Rialb reservoir and fishing

As mentioned above, the Rialb reservoir is practically new to the sport of fishing. This young reservoir has an extension of more than 400 cubic hectares, measuring 4 times more than the Oliana reservoir. Rialb was inaugurated for fishing in 2000, but did not reach its peak until 2010.


It was that year when the limits concerning fishing were designated, to protect the space and give this habitat time to see how it developed. At the moment, the possibilities offered by the reservoir are quite large and the prospect is that it will provide the fish population for many years to come.


The main feed for the reservoir comes from the Rialb River, a tributary of the Segre. These rivers offer a wide riverbed in which good numbers of trout are found and well oxygenated water of good quality. This makes it not only useful for fishing, but also has a very unique beauty.

Every fisherman's dream

The environment of the Rialb reservoir is what attracts so many anglers to its waters. Amateur and professional anglers approach this reservoir with a double motivation. On the one hand, they seek to have a direct connection with nature, which will allow them to breathe fresh air and recharge their energy during their vacations.


On the other hand, the possibility of fishing in a practically virgin oasis where everything is possible, makes these anglers load their rods with greater happiness.

Panoramic view of the Rialb reservoir, surrounded by mountains, with a blue sky.

Technical data about fishing in the Rialb reservoir

Currently, fishing in the Rialb reservoir is based mainly on trout, in addition to barbels, at the indicated points of the river. The fario species change their location depending on the season, but they can be located near the tail, entering the upper reservoir.


The barbels are located in an area where the current is strong enough to bring them the food they need without having to move. However, they change their location depending on the season, so it is important to take into account the indications of each moment.


The results of the fishermen show that nowadays fishing in Rialb is possible and that many catches are obtained without too much effort. With time it is expected that the fish will be bigger and that the amount of fauna will increase in order to have better fishing seasons.


  • Town near the reservoir: La Baronia de Rialb, Lleida
  • Type of water: Fresh water from the reservoir.
  • Species of fish that can be fished: Common Carp, Royal Carp, Barbel, Common Trout, Rainbow Trout.
  • Baits used for fishing: boilies, pellets, corn, fly and worm.
  • Fishing information: In order to fish in Rialb you will have to get a permit available at the SPE Oliana or at the SPE Ponts. You can also obtain it through the Generalitat’s website.
  • Information about the jetty: The Rialb reservoir has a new jetty, built in July 2014 and has a capacity for 25 boats, 5 of them motorboats and 20 kayaks that are used for sports, leisure or fishing services.


If you are fond of fishing, do not hesitate to come to the Rialb reservoir and live a unique experience, surrounded by nature. You can combine your activity with a quiet stay at Casa dels Peixos, to wake up in an incomparable environment and enjoy the maximum tranquility in your vacations.

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