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Dish of snails LLAUNA style are dried with lots of salt and black pepper with garlic and parsley.

Where to eat snails in Lleida? 7 places

Are you looking for the best restaurants to eat snails in Lleida? The snail is a mollusc that arouses passions and grimaces at the same time. That’s why people who don’t like this food have an unpleasant feeling and avoid at all costs having to

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Glasses of wine on the table, a small bunch of violets among them, and a lit fireplace in the background. Everything in place to start enjoying dinner with a good glass of wine.

The 6 best wine cellars in Lleida

Wine tourism is becoming more and more fashionable and there is nothing better than stopping for a moment during your holidays to enjoy a good glass of wine and all its nuances. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to the centenary estates

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View of a hiker with his back turned walking along a stony path, thick forest on the sides, rocky mountains in the background.

5 Excursions in Lleida.

Are you interested in the best excursions in Lleida? In Lleida you can find paths, trails through the lushest forests, charming villages, natural parks and even caves, without having to leave the province. For this reason we could say that Lleida is one of the

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Rocky mountain in the centre, above it a blue sky with thin white clouds, below it a mountain with a bright green field.

5 Things to see in Lleida by Nature.

Are you looking for the best things to see in Lleida by Nature? Lleida is a wonderful province to spend a few days in, and we are not just referring to the city, but to the natural environment it offers, which has made it one

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Photo of a graffiti in the town of Penelles. A tanned face of an adult man, in the centre three white horses galloping through the water, a woman characterised as a Sevillian woman with a fan covering her naked torso and finally three storks in flight. Painted in black and white and grey.

7 Places to take photos in Lleida

Are you looking for the best places to take photos in Lleida, for your post-wedding session, to announce important news or simply because you want your Instagram profile to be impeccable? Then read on.   The province of Lleida is often forgotten by tourists, who

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Two people bathing in an emerald green pool of water, surrounded by stone and vegetation. The sun makes the whole pond shine.

Gorgs in the Barony of Rialb

Are you looking for a guide to the best gorgs in Baronia de Rialb? Read on!   In the middle of the region of La Noguera, surrounded by mountains, we can find some natural pools of crystal clear water, although very cold, that will make

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View of the train passing over a bridge crossing a lake

What to see in La Noguera?

Maybe you have arrived here because you are looking for what to see in La Noguera because maybe you are coming to visit it for a few days, you are coming to live or you are simply curious about this territory.   Anyway, if you

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Barbos going up the Rialb reservoir.

Fishing in the Rialb Reservoir

Are you thinking of going fishing in the Rialb reservoir? The Rialb reservoir, or also known as the Rialb reservoir, is a reservoir that collects water from the Segre, Rialb and Ribera Salada rivers. This dam, which extends through the northwest of the region of

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