The 6 best wine cellars in Lleida

Glasses of wine on the table, a small bunch of violets among them, and a lit fireplace in the background. Everything in place to start enjoying dinner with a good glass of wine.

Wine tourism is becoming more and more fashionable and there is nothing better than stopping for a moment during your holidays to enjoy a good glass of wine and all its nuances. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to the centenary estates where organic farming and the traditional production of the product that will surprise you with every sip are preserved.


Lleida’s wine cellars offer special wines that are difficult to find anywhere else. This is due to the techniques they use and the particularities of their conditions, such as the thermal contrast produced by the altitude at which the vineyards are harvested.


The wineries we have selected are part of the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin, an award they have earned, taking into account the climatic difficulties they face year after year. Read on to discover them!

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Torres Winery

Glasses of wine on the table, a small bunch of violets among them, and a lit fireplace in the background. Everything in place to start enjoying dinner with a good glass of wine.

Bodegas Torres is run by a family that has been dedicated to wine for five generations. Their vision for their work is that the people who enter their estate can celebrate life, care for the land and pass on their most essential legacy.


The wines they sign their name to are pieces of history, as they are aware that the same land they are farming now was farmed hundreds of thousands of years ago for the same purpose. Their wines are honest and hedonistic and enhance the uniqueness of their origin and elegance.

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Raimat Natura

Raimat Natura is one of the best wineries in Lleida that was born with the conviction that sustainable agricultural practices were the best guarantee of preserving the natural environment and the product. More than 100 years later, the objective of its cultivation is the same.


This winery has a very strong commitment to nature and its sustainable processes go far beyond what is required by law. Their goal is to reach a 100% organic production model where the quality of the product is excellent and the footprint they leave on the environment is minimal.

Batlliu Winery

Bottle of wine

Celler Batlliu has spectacular views of the Sort valley and the Batlliu. This winery focuses all its efforts on offering a complete experience to its visitors, so that they can leave the winery in love with the product.


The first thing you will do is a walk through the vineyards, followed by a visit to the winery, where they will explain the complete wine process and finally, you will enter the dining room for a wine tasting and pairing of the best products of the Denomination of Origin.

Clos Pons Winery

For the creators of the Clos Pons winery, the land and the climate are their signs of identity. This space was born from the need to express, in each of its bottles, the sensory richness of the land. Its work is marked by a respect and care for the land and by a delicacy with the product, in each of its phases.


Clos Pons has been consolidated as a benchmark winery for quality within the DO Costers del Segre and internationally. In its curriculum of awards, you can find medals and good scores in the best competitions and magazines in the world.

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Mas Blanch i Jové Winery

View of a part of the winery Mas Blach i Jové which has an original construction. With an earth colour, arched entrance and two windows, one on the right hand side and the other on the left hand side, also arched. Located in a valley surrounded by forest-covered mountains.

All the wines of the Mas Blanch i Jové winery have won awards at the International Wine Awards, making it one of the best wineries in the Costers del Segre DO. Specifically, its wine Petit Blanc Saó won the silver medal for its intense aroma and pleasant taste in the mouth.


These awards are in addition to others that the winery has received nationally and internationally, as this space stands out for its high quality product.

Castell d’Encús Winery

The Castell d’Encús winery was founded in 2001, when its founder, Raül Bobet, was researching for land in the Catalan Pyrenees that would help to reduce the effects of climate change. This estate has a good exposure to the sun and is completely surrounded by lush forests, typical in the area.


In addition to the marvellous landscape, this winery offers organic agriculture and does not use any type of insecticide, herbicide or fungicide during the process. They harvest the grapes by hand year after year and only use the grapes that their estate has produced. Their wine is fermented in stainless steel, wooden barrels or natural stone vats.

You can contact each of the wine cellars in Lleida that we have presented to you to book a personalised tasting of their products. Take this visit as a moment of tranquillity for yourself and don’t be in a hurry to go back home. In fact, we recommend that you book your stay at Casa dels Peixos, as this will allow you to enjoy every moment, with the time and attention that these wines deserve.

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