Where to look for mushrooms in Lleida? 5 places

Mountain landscape with lush forests in the background. In the foreground meadow with a dull green autumn colour.

Are you looking for mushrooms in Lleida? Here we tell you everything you need to know so that you can succeed like nobody else.


The mushroom season has arrived and in Catalonia we are fond of putting on our boots every year and going out to the mountains to fill our baskets with the best product of the land. But, the truth is that these mushrooms are not so easy to find and can make us walk for long hours without success.


However, we want to help you achieve your goal and in this article we have made a selection of the best places to go mushroom hunting in the Lleida area. This way you will be on the safe side and won’t waste time searching through the bushes. Finding rovellons, llanegas, negrillas and more mushrooms is possible if you follow our advice.

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1- The Valley of Ora

Autumn landscape with golden leaves on the trees, steep mountains in the background and donkeys grazing in the meadow.

The Ora Valley is one of the best places to look for mushrooms in the province of Lleida. You can get there from Navès, on the C-26 road between Berga and Solsona. Leave your car parked on the side of the road, put on your hiking boots and start walking along one of the signposted paths.


You will find plenty of mushrooms, especially if the previous week has been rainy. We recommend that you look under the trees to find your mushrooms, but don’t stray from the path, as it is easy to get lost in the forest.

2- The Tossal de la Guàrdia

View of the valley from the mountain with its winding roads in the background surrounded by large forests.

As you drive towards El Tossal de la Guàrdia, you will approach the northwest face of the mountain, between the houses of La Balma and Caselles. At this point, the slope of the paths becomes much gentler and the forest becomes much more accessible. The main characteristic of this area is that the forest floor is quite damp and calcareous, perfect conditions for the appearance of mushrooms.


Along this path, the most abundant mushrooms are chanterelles, ox tongues and black llanegas in autumn, but you can also find morels in spring.

3- Pratformiu

The farmhouse overlooks the meadow, with the foot of the mountain at its back.

To get to Pratformiu you will have to leave your car in the small square of El coll de Jovells, which is located at an altitude of 1,500 metres, an area dominated by red pine and black pine. Take the path that leads to the Mitges mountain range, from where you will have wonderful views of the Guixers mountain range.


You can choose whether to take the north-eastern side of the path, where you will find white pine trees and llanegas, or head south-east, where the chanterelles can be found. You cannot leave this place without contemplating the spectacular reddish view offered by the Terreres, as it is erosion turned into art, in a very natural way.

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4- Obagues of the Ensija mountain range

Mountain landscape with lush forests in the background. In the foreground meadow with a dull green autumn colour.

Just in front of the imposing Pedraforca massif we find extensive pine forests that occupy the entire northern slope of the Ensija mountain range. This area is located between Saldes and Vallcebre and is known as the Obagues de la sierra de Ensija.


This whole region is well known for the abundant production of mushrooms that the land offers, but also for the visit of numerous “boletaires” in search of mushrooms to fill their baskets. If you are looking for peace and quiet in the mountains, we recommend that you get up early and try to avoid weekends.

5- The forests of Brocà

View of a large expanse of lush forest. In the background the winding road at the bottom of the valley.

Leaving the village of Tarradelles on foot, you will head towards the plains of Rotllan, between meadows and pine woods. The landscape is quite clear, so your main objective should be to get into the forest. Once you are surrounded by trees you will find yourself in a cooler, wetter climate, ideal for mushrooms to grow.


On this route you will find all kinds of mushrooms, such as chanterelles, cockscombs, black chanterelles, milk cap mushrooms, chanterelles, white chanterelles, etc. You will be able to make a real feast when you get home with a full basket.

You already know the best places to look for mushrooms in Lleida, now you just need to equip yourself with your knife, your basket, your sportswear, your coat and your hiking boots. If you want to live the full experience, it’s a good idea to consider spending the weekend in Lleida in rural accommodation such as La Casa dels Peixos. This will allow you to enjoy the mountain as you deserve and completely disconnect from your routine.

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