Where to eat in Lleida, good and cheap? 7 places

Multicoloured salad with a variety of vegetables

Are you looking for the best places to eat in Lleida, good and cheap? Keep reading because we present you the 7 most outstanding ones.


Lleida’s gastronomy is known for being one of the most traditional and exquisite in the whole Iberian Peninsula. Its main ingredients are based on products of the current season, which can be found in the market, and its mountain dishes stand out, ideal to combat the cold of the area.


In the restaurants we suggest below you will be able to eat first-rate food, without having to dig deep into your pocket. On the menu of these establishments you will find typical dishes such as cargols a la llauna with aioli and romesco sauce, panadons, escalivada de bacalao (cod escalivada), etc.

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La Garbinada

Restaurant, standing table for several diners with a magnificent view of the mountain.

La Garbinada restaurant is located in Granyena de les Garrigues, a small region in the province of Lleida. Here you will find a wide variety of traditional Catalan cuisine, so that your palate can try a little bit of everything. Their own cuisine is based on local products and was created in a very rural setting.


The local cuisine is presented by chef and owner Benito Gili, who uses only the best quality natural products from the region. It is a real spectacle for your taste buds that you cannot miss on your holidays in Lleida.

Xalet Suis

View of a part of the restaurant's dining room with rustic decoration.

Xalet Suis is known for being one of the best restaurants in Lleida to eat well and cheaply. The dishes are not based on aesthetics, but on quality products, so they can become your ideal destination if you are looking for the most authentic gastronomy of the area.

Abrasador Brasería Barri's

Dish of grilled lamb with "escalivada" roasted vegetables and vegetables

The Abrasador Brasería Barri’s has a beer garden and bar area for breakfasts and tapas, next to a dining room prepared to serve lunch and dinner. You can choose dishes from the daily menu or from the à la carte menu.


This establishment offers traditional cuisine, with a special emphasis on Iberian cured meats and grilled meats from the restaurant’s own farm. This is a good option for couples, families or friends, but also for large celebrations, such as birthdays and business lunches.

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La Huerta

Restaurant table set up for two diners

La Huerta is highly recommended by the inhabitants of Lleida themselves, as it is the ideal place if you want to enjoy a quality product, well cooked and with a good presentation. It is located very close to the AVE train station, so it is perfect for all those travellers who have just arrived in the province.


In its extensive menu you will find local products, such as snails a la llauna, rice dishes and any of its grilled dishes.

Aravell Restaurant

Round table set for four diners with magnificent views of the Lleida Pyrenees.

Aravell Restaurant is located 5 kilometres from La Seu d’Urgell and is one of the favourite places for those who want to enjoy the best local cuisine in a unique setting. The restaurant is surrounded by mountain views, nature and fresh air.


In its cuisine there are only local, natural, artisan and organic products. We recommend you try the cold meats on the menu or the mountain rice. And don’t forget dessert, because the Cadí cottage cheese with flower honey from Alt Urgell is finger-licking good.

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Cal Nenet

Calçots dish

The restaurant Cal Nenet is located in the heart of the Lleida orchard, surrounded by fruit trees and accompanied by absolute peace and quiet. For more than 40 years, Cal Nenet has been preparing the best dishes of traditional Lleida cuisine, recovering traditional recipes and also innovating with dishes to suit today’s tastes.


This is one of the best places where you can try the snails “a la llauna” with aioli. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to try the grilled meat, the baked kid, the rabbit with garlic, the cod esqueixada, etc.

El Celler de Lleida

Cooked dish of cod with vegetables and tomato sauce

We finish our selection of the best restaurants where to eat in Lleida good and cheap with El Celler de Lleida. In this establishment you can enjoy an excellent product, a menu with signature dishes and an unbeatable service.


We recommend you try their star dishes, which are rice dishes and meats, included in their daily or weekend menus.

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Now that you know the best restaurants where to eat in Lleida good and cheap, we are sure that your mouth is watering. If you are thinking of spending a few days in the Catalan province of the Pyrenees, we recommend you to take a look at La Casa dels Peixos, an accommodation where you will feel at home and that will allow you to relax completely in your days off.

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