5 Excursions in Lleida.

View of a hiker with his back turned walking along a stony path, thick forest on the sides, rocky mountains in the background.

Are you interested in the best excursions in Lleida?

In Lleida you can find paths, trails through the lushest forests, charming villages, natural parks and even caves, without having to leave the province. For this reason we could say that Lleida is one of the best regions for hiking in Catalonia.


If you’re thinking of spending your next holiday surrounded by these idyllic natural landscapes, grab your backpack, load up your car and take a look at the best excursions in Lleida, which will allow you to experience the essence of this province to the full.

The best excursions in Lleida province

We recommend that before embarking on any of the excursions we propose, you should assess the difficulty of the hike and the physical condition of the hikers. We don’t want anyone to get stuck halfway and we don’t want anyone to get hurt on their holiday.

Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici Lake

Magnificent view of Sant Maurici steep mountains, blue sky with specks of cotton-white clouds, dirt road and a glimpse of the green water of the lake.

This is one of the most beautiful excursions in Lleida, with which you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Aigüestortes National Park. To start the route you will have to leave your car in the car park of the national park and you will easily see the path where the route starts. The path starts with a footbridge suitable for wheelchair users, which is half a kilometre long.


You will then have to continue climbing until you reach Sant Maurici lake, which will take you approximately 1 hour and a half. Once there, you can choose to do another hiking route from the lake, although you should be aware that they are a little more difficult.

In search of the giant fir trees

Simply the perfection of the fir tree on top of a hill, with a background of blue sky.

One of the best hiking routes in Lleida is very close to Salardú. This route is short and easy, so you can do it with your family and enjoy it together. The route of the Giant Fir Trees has 10 information panels where you will learn interesting facts about the trees, which you will be able to see for yourself.


Leave your car in the Pont Ressec car park and you’ll immediately be immersed in an experience surrounded by pine and fir trees that will enrich your body and mind.

The Congost de Montrebei

Impressive gorge in the background winding through the bright blue water like the sky.

The Congost de Montrebei is a gorge formed by the river Noguera Ribagorçana and one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia. The path that crosses the gorge is the GR1 and there are three options for this excursion, depending on the difficulty you are willing to assume:


  • Short option: This consists of doing the 3.5km signposted route that goes from north to south from the car park at “La Masieta” to the end of the gorge.


  • Medium option: It consists of doing the route from South to North from the car park of the “Mare de Déu de la Pertusa” hermitage to the second suspension bridge, passing through the gorge.


  • Difficult option: This route starts in Aragón, and goes from the hostel of Montfalcó to the Congost de Montrebei.

Route around the Colomers Cirque

Colomers lake, dark blue water reflecting the snow-capped mountains that surround it, on the right hand side the Colomers refuge.

The Catalan Pyrenees is characterised by its large number of lakes. This route that we propose consists of visiting 7 of these lakes, and for which you will have to set aside the whole day. Over a 16-kilometre, 6-hour journey, you’ll discover some of the most impressive spots in Lleida.


Leave your car at the Banhs de Tredós car park and start walking to discover first-hand the Llac Mayor de Colomers, the Estanh Plan and the Lac Long.

Visit to the Sanctuary of Montgarri

Montgarri Sanctuary surrounded by mountains and plain with stream covered with a blanket of snow. Bright blue sky

This is an essential excursion if you have never visited the Val d’Aran. It is an easy half-day hike that starts in Pla de Berey and takes you to the ancient village of Montgarrio, located at an altitude of 1,600 metres. There you can visit the sanctuary of the same name.


The path follows a comfortable track from where you can see cows grazing, horses in freedom, a large number of birds, etc. This is an excursion suitable for children and ideal if you want to connect with nature and get away from the stress of the city.

What to pack in my rucksack for my mountain hikes?

Hiking in Lleida is usually much more complicated than in other areas of Catalonia, due to the altitude of the mountains. That is why it is important that you always go prepared and carry everything you need in your backpack before you start walking:

  • Water
  • Warm clothes
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • First aid kit
  • Food
  • Penknife
  • Documentation (ID card and health card)
  • A bag for waste

After discovering the best excursions in Lleida, you’re sure to be itching to set foot in the mountains. Remember to always be well prepared and check the weather before leaving home, so that you have the right clothes and footwear. Remember that in Lleida it usually snows in winter, so you should always keep warm.

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