5 Things to see in Lleida by Nature.

Rocky mountain in the centre, above it a blue sky with thin white clouds, below it a mountain with a bright green field.

Are you looking for the best things to see in Lleida by Nature?

Lleida is a wonderful province to spend a few days in, and we are not just referring to the city, but to the natural environment it offers, which has made it one of the best places to escape and disconnect from routine. In Lleida you can discover many ideal places for a getaway, with whoever you choose.


If you feel you need to reconnect with nature, reconcile with the mountains, listen to the rivers, the vegetation and the animals again, then you need to organise your getaway to Lleida. These are the best things you can’t miss on your holidays in the province of Lleida.

These are the best things to see in Lleida if you are looking for nature

Some of the plans we propose are accessible by car, others will require a short hike and others will only be accessible after a tough hiking route. We recommend that you assess the physical condition of your equipment before choosing your favourite landscapes and that you make sure you wear the right clothes and shoes for the occasion.

The Lord's Valley

Magnificent view of the Vall de LLord, a parade of mountains protecting the two rivers that make up the sky with large clouds.

If you are one of those who are not satisfied with just seeing pretty villages on your holidays, but want to enjoy the best hiking routes, this section is especially for you. The Lord Valley hike is located in the Catalan Pyrenees and the landscape is made up of a parade of mountains that protect the two main rivers.


Choose one of the hiking routes you’ll find at the information booth in the car park or take a climbing class – you’re the only one who sets the limits!

Circ de Colomers

High mountain lake surrounded by steep mountains. On the right you can see part of the Colomers refuge overlooking the lake.

The lakes in Lleida are one of the main attractions of the area. This location boasts breathtaking high mountain landscapes, with peaks of around 3,000 metres in altitude, some of which are covered in perpetual snow. The best route to get to know this area is the 7 lakes route.


You can do a long circuit that will take you past the 7 high mountain lakes, or a shorter one that will only take you to the first one. Bear in mind your physical condition and the time you have to walk.

Estany d’Ivars

Aerial view of the lake of Ivars, visible in the centre of the photo. Surrounded by fields of crops, in the background a mountain range with a deep blue sky and some clouds in the distance over the mountains.

If you are reading this post, it is because you are one of those who want to make the most of your trip and avoid staying cooped up in a hotel. The Estany d’Ivars is located in one of the most beautiful natural parks in Lleida. It is the largest inland lake in Catalonia in terms of size, but also in terms of biological diversity.


You can get there by car and go to one of the observation towers or spaces to contemplate this spectacle of nature in front of you.


a majestic view of Pedraforca with its two snow-capped peaks

Whether you want to climb it, or you are content to see it from afar, Pedraforca is one of the most impressive mountains to see in Lleida nature. This peak is located in the Cadí mountain range and has a rather peculiar U-shape. Formed by two parallel peaks of 2,500 metres high, the top of this mountain is joined by a large pass called the Enforcadura.


You can climb the peak of the Calderer without climbing, but it is advisable to do so when the sky is clear and in the knowledge that it is a physically demanding excursion.

La Pica d'Estats

Characteristic high mountain scenery, lake and snow-capped mountain peaks in the background.

We finish our selection of the best things to see in Lleida nature with the Pica d’Estats. This is the highest mountain in Catalonia and, as you can imagine, it is also the toughest hike. The ascent path starts at an altitude of 1,860 metres at Pla de Boet.


This path continues to climb to the summit, which you will reach at 3,143 metres above sea level. It will take you 6 hours to climb, but the satisfaction of this experience will be unforgettable.

How do I dress for an excursion?

The mountains of Lleida are no small place, as you will have already realised, so it is essential that you carry everything you will need for the day in your backpack and that you dress appropriately. Depending on the time of year you decide to go to Lleida, you will need to bring:


  • A synthetic fibre T-shirt (long or short-sleeved).
  • Trekking trousers (long, short or detachable).
  • A pair of thermal tights, in case it is very cold.
  • A warm garment: sweatshirt, mountain jacket, fleece, etc.
  • A mackintosh

Now you know the best things to see in Lleida nature and the best way to tackle each route. We recommend that you check the weather forecast before setting out on your walk and bear in mind that the weather in this province is quite changeable, so it can start raining at any time. But that is precisely what makes it such a magical place.

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