Gorgs in the Barony of Rialb

Two people bathing in an emerald green pool of water, surrounded by stone and vegetation. The sun makes the whole pond shine.

Are you looking for a guide to the best gorgs in Baronia de Rialb? Read on!


In the middle of the region of La Noguera, surrounded by mountains, we can find some natural pools of crystal clear water, although very cold, that will make you feel like in a fairytale scenario.


The gorgs in Baronia de Rialb are the perfect place to spend a day with friends and family or to make a quick stop on your hiking route through Lleida. Below, we explain everything you need to know about this not-to-be-missed experience

What are the gorgs of the Barony of Rialb?

Strait where the river Rialb flows through, surrounded by very high rock walls.

Los gorgs de la Baronia de Rialb is the name given to this magical and practically unknown place by the inhabitants of the region. However, the truth is that the word is spreading faster and faster and this name is no longer only known by the people who live there, but also by the tourists who are beginning to get to know it.


These natural pools are located at a fairly narrow point of the river Rialb in Lleida, at the point where it passes through the municipality of Baronia de Rialp. If you want to go down a large ravine, this place is also well known by canyoning lovers, who go down to the Forat del Buli.

Trekking to the Forat del Buli

The Forat del Buli is the best known point in the area of the gorges of the Baronia de Rialp and we recommend that you reach it on foot, as it is the best way to enjoy the natural environment that this area offers. It is an easy route and very pleasant to do, especially when you reach the natural pools.


  • Time: 2 hours and 55 minutes approximately
  • Distance: 4.56 kilometres
  • Elevation gain: 173 metres
  • When to go: To do this hiking excursion you should go in summer, as it is necessary to get into the river and even swim.


The Forat de Buli water route starts parallel to the Mas Barrat ravine. You must follow the marked path until you hear the water of the river. If you wish, you can take a detour towards the riverbed to appreciate the spectacular colour of the water flowing down and to discover any small natural reservoirs that have formed.


You can choose to stop at the natural pools that have formed, although we recommend that you continue walking until you reach your destination, where you will see the most impressive gorge in the whole area of Baronia de Rialb. Follow the path against the current in the direction of the Forat de Buli.


Once you reach a strait where it looks like the rock walls are going to come together, you must cross the river, entering the water from the right side. Once you are in the river you will see how the water is completely crystal clear, all the way across. The white stones that form the floor of the river are what give it its special charm.


Continue upstream along the river and you’ll find places where you’ll be covered up to your ankle, but others where you’ll have to dive in and swim. It’s quite an experience!


Once in the water, the temperature will always be colder than you expect, but this is one of the charms of the gorges of the Baronia de Rialb, which is accessible only to the most daring. Swim through the narrow strait of high rock walls and, as you turn around, you will come face to face with one of the most impressive natural wonders you have ever seen.


It is a hole in the rock, a tunnel covered with vegetation, through which a waterfall flows. Through this tunnel you can swim to the other side of the river and it will be like entering a parallel world.


Attention! This is a natural paradise that must be preserved, so it is important that you leave it as you found it, or even better.

Is it worth doing the water excursion of the gorgs in the Baronia de Rialb?

Two people in wetsuits walking along the river which is surrounded by very high rock walls Gorgs in the Baronia de Rialb

The experience is inexplicable, so if you want to know what it’s like, you’ll have to go for yourself. The only thing that people who have entered the icy waters to find this paradise can say is that the beauty of this place is unforgettable.


If you go with your family, it is advisable to enjoy this marvel and then stay at the beginning of the strait, as it is an ideal stretch for children to play safely, thanks to its shallow depth.


The route is easy and suitable for everyone. The only section that offers greater difficulty is the aquatic section, for which you will have to know how to swim and be able to withstand the cold temperature of the water.


What are you waiting for to experience the gorgs in Baronia de Rialb? Without a doubt, you won’t regret this natural wonder available to everyone.

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