Besan, a group of abandoned houses, typical high mountain construction, slate roofs and wooden balconies.

10 Abandoned villages in Lleida

In this article we are going to tell you about abandoned villages in Lleida. If you are a curious person, you are sure to like these ghost towns. List of the 10 abandoned villages in Lleida that you have to visit Aramunt Vell Aramunt is

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High mountain landscape in the center, in the background, large waterfall with two fir trees at the top.

The 10 best waterfalls in Lleida

Have you decided to spend a few days in Lleida and do not know what to do? As we have already said on another occasion, this is a province with lots of nature and lots of water, so we are going to recommend the best

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Carta Catering otoño invierno 2021-2022 Casa dels Peixos

Carta Catering otoño invierno 2021-2022

Actualizamos la carta del servicio de catering para esta temporada de Otoño Invierno con la que nuestros huéspedes podrán saborear la deliciosa gastronomía del Prepirineo catalán y gozar de la comodidad de comer bien sin salir de casa.

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