The 7 best Gorgs in Lleida

Gorg del Bulí, magnificent view from a cave with waterfalls. In the background view of the river sliding into the ravine.

If you want to know where to cool off this summer, this is the end of your search. In this article you will find out the 7 best gorgs in Lleida where you can go for a refreshing swim this summer. 

Gorg del Bulí - Forat de Bulí

Gorg de Bulí, view from underwater of three hikers in wetsuits, walking through the grotto where the water of the Rialb river flows.

One of the natural pools in Lleida that you should definitely visit is this one: the Gorg del Buli. Following the course of the Rialb river, you will reach a narrow stretch known as Forat del Buli.

This excursion can take approximately 3 hours, but, in our opinion, it is one of the best there is. We suggest you start at the Mas Barrat ravine, which connects with the Rialb river, but you can take a detour from the main route to swim in the natural pools along the way. Its waters are crystal clear, and it is possible to see the white stones under the water.

It is really impressive, it would take anyone’s breath away! To get to the Forat you have to get into the water, so be prepared. The water is quite cold, but it’s worth it, we can assure you.

Basses del Codó de Coll de Nargó

Basses del Codó de Coll de Nargó, a natural pool with crystal clear, calm water. In the background, typical river vegetation and limestone stones that plunge into the water.

Another of the must-see pools in Catalonia is this gorge: les Basses del Codó de Coll de Nargó. This natural pool comes from the river Valldarques, but the route starts by following the river Sallent, which ends up meeting the aforementioned river. This natural pool is truly impressive, and gives off a tranquillity that is much appreciated in this hectic routine that we have become accustomed to. Les Basses el Codó de Coll de Nargó are located in the region of l’Alt Urgell, and the beauty of the place will take you perfectly half a day. We suggest you take a dirt track that can be a bit slippery, but it only takes 5-10 minutes to reach your destination. In summer there are quite a lot of people, so it is better to go early in the morning, so as not to coincide with a lot of people and to enjoy the peace that the place transmits.

Forat d’Abella - Lo Foradot

Forat d'Abella - Lo Foradot, a narrow and high grotto where the water opens a narrow path.

Of all the natural pools in Lleida, this is one of the best. It is not a very frequented place, but it is undoubtedly an idyllic spot. To reach our destination, first you have to go to the village of Abella de la Conca, in Pallars Jussà, and follow the Abella river. Be well prepared, as you will have to walk through the river, and it can be a bit slippery at times. There is no reason to be alarmed, you will only have to get your feet wet (which is not a bad thing in summer), but it never hurts to have this information. Counting the return trip (no stops), the route takes about 3 hours. The views are impressive all along the route, and when you reach the Forat d’Abella you’ll be even more satisfied. This place is not to be missed¡

Barranc de Merea

Barranc de Merea, a 10-metre waterfall between rocks, at the end a natural swimming pool

The Barranc de Merea is another of the gorges you can’t miss. You probably don’t know Merea, a small village in Pallars Jussà, but now you will remember it for a long time. If you go a little more than a kilometre away (towards Gramanet), you will come to a small bridge that crosses the Conques river.

Once you have crossed it, you will find a signpost indicating where the route to the Barranc de Merea starts. You will only have to walk for about 20 minutes to reach the Salt de Merea, a 10-metre waterfall that has created these natural pools that have been given the name of Barranc de Merea. This is a pleasant, easy and comfortable excursion for all members of the family. Despite the fact that these pools are not very well known, believe us when we say that it is well worth venturing to discover them. The peace that the place transmits is incomparable, and there is nothing like cooling off in the midst of such tranquillity.

Molí del Salt

Molí del Salt, a waterfall between the rocks reaching a pool of crystal-clear blue water.

One of the natural pools near Lleida that is a must-see (and where bathing is a must) is the Molí del Salt. Do you want to check it out? This excursion can perfectly take you half a day, because although it can be done in less than an hour and a half (there and back), we are very sure that you will want to stop many times to admire the beauty of the place. It is an easy route and suitable for everyone, so there is no excuse not to go. To get to the Molí del Salt you will have to go to the municipality of Viliella, where you can leave your car. From there you will have to look for the path that leads to the gorge, you can’t miss it. When you reach a slightly narrower path, you will know that you are about to reach the foot of the gorge, so get ready!

Barranc del Forat de Bóixols

Barranc del Forat de Bóixols, jump of an equipped hiker, in the forat. Surrounded by large stone masses

In the region of Pallars Jussà is the Forat de Bóixols, an impressive place in the village of Bóixols, belonging to Abella de la Conca. This place is the source of the river Rialb, and it is certainly a place worth visiting and getting to know. To get to the gorge you will have to go to Coll de Nargó and from there, go in the direction of Isona. Once you have reached the village of Bóixols, you can park there and just at the entrance to the village you will find a sign indicating the start of the path to the gorge, which is only a 10-minute walk away. This is a simple and quick excursion; the sections that are a little more complicated have some help to make the descent easier (such as ropes and chains). Once you have overcome all this, you will reach the most beautiful part: the Forat de Bóixols, where you can rest and bathe.

Barranc del Bosc

Barranc del Bosc, water snake bordering rocky walls and vegetation.

Lastly, we would like to talk to you about the Barranc del Bosc, and for this we propose a circular route of 11 kilometres that not only allows you to discover the ravine, but also the gorge of Terradets, in the region of Pallars Jussà. This excursion lasts half a day. The first part of the excursion consists of bordering the Cellers reservoir, and after that the path to the Barranc del Bosc begins, which is certainly the best part of the route. The views on this stretch are spectacular, as you will be able to see the Roca Regina.

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